7 Homeschool Blogs That Should Be in Your Bookmarks

7 Homeschool Blogs That Should Be in Your Bookmarks

July 12, 2020

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Homeschool blogs can be a lifesaver for a lot of parents. Homeschooling can get overwhelming without someone to ask for advice.

If you’re a homeschooling parent, don’t sweat it! Lots of homeschooling parents share their own experiences through online blogs. Reading about their journeys will help you realize that you’re not alone in this. Let’s take a look at some useful homeschool blogs!

The Best Homeschool Blogs on the Internet

Here are the 7 most beneficial homeschool blogs for 2020. Some of them are run by parents, and others are run by professional websites. Having advice from different sources makes sure all your bases are covered.

Confessions of a Homeschooler

This is one of the most fun homeschool blogs that you can follow! The author, Erica Arndt, shares her experience of homeschooling her four kids. She’s been doing it for fourteen years so she’s got a lot of experience!

Erica shares loads of educational resources for parents. Additionally, she regularly uploads curricula for homeschooled students. You can also find useful info on almost all grade levels, including high school. However, the site mainly targets students in the younger age group.

The blog doesn’t only cover homeschooling, it also has a lot of articles dedicated to home management. Along with homeschooling data, you can find crafting hacks, DIY tips, and cooking recipes.

What We Like About This Blog

  • Wide variety of resources
  • Home management section

Hide The Chocolate

No, it’s not real chocolate, but it’s just as good! Hide The Chocolate is one of a kind. The blog is dedicated to literature studies, focusing on improving students’ creative writing and language art skills. This blog also focuses on enlarging their knowledge of famous literary works.

You’ll find a wide range of online courses and resources on literature. Not only that, but there are also some awesome online book clubs that your children can join! That way, they can engage with their classmates in the same way they’d do at a regular school.

The blog’s founder, Dachelle, is homeschooling her three children. She decided to share her knowledge through this blog. Dachelle recently added a Parenting section to her blog that focuses on home management tips.

What We Like About This Blog

  • It’s one of the rare blogs that focus on literature
  • Online book clubs

Mastery Genius

Mastery Genius gives you an insight into everything you need to know about homeschooling, including online tutors and the first steps you should take. Not only that, but the site also offers one of the best online tutoring software programs available; Pathblazer.

Along with homeschooling tips, the blog also posts about other alternatives for traditional schooling. It can come in handy if you’re still indecisive about the matter.

On top of that, Mastery Genius offers tons of parent resources for homeschooling. You’ll get a lot of info if you decide to take a look at the blog.

What We Like About This Blog

  • Ideal for first-time homeschooling parents
  • Professionally-written content

Meaningful Explorations

When it comes to the homeschooling experience, you won’t find a more fitting blog than Meaningful Explorations. The author, Tina, homeschooled all 7(!) of her kids. No matter what challenges face you may face, Tina definitely went through them at least once.

The blog has a pastel-colored theme that keeps you relaxed while reading. In addition to  homeschooling, this blog also has sections for faith and family life.

In the homeschooling section, Tina shares tons of free printable resources for students. Plus, she shares reviews and recommendations for parents. She also includes a lot of posts about the homeschool environment and how to improve it.

What We Like About This Blog

  • The author is highly experienced
  • A spiritual approach to homeschooling

Heidi St. John

Heidi St. John has been amazing readers since her first book was published. From that point forward, she has written 7 books dedicated to mothers and biblical studies. Having homeschooled all her children through high school, she decided to create an online blog for everything parents need to know.

Heidi’s sense of humor is obvious in her posts; you’ll love how smooth and effortless her posts read. On top of that, her blog full of useful info for homeschooling parents. She’ll walk you through the whole process, starting from the planning phase.

Heidi shares her own experiences and the schedules that she followed with her kids. If you want to have a quick, useful read about homeschooling without getting overwhelmed, Heidi St. Johns is your go-to blog. You’ll also get some insight into motherhood and faith in the process.

What We Like About This Blog

  • Entertaining read
  • Useful schedules and resources

Growing Hands-On Kids

If your kids are in the younger age groups, you should pay this blog a visit. It’s devoted to the pre-homeschooling phase. In other words, it tells you everything you need to know about preparing your kids for homeschooling.

You’ll find suggestions for how to enhance their coordination, how to control their behavior, and how to improve their handwriting. For any question you can think of, you’ll find the answer here. Additionally, the author, Heather, provides a lot of free printables for parents.

Heather is a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant. That’s why most of her blog posts revolve around hands on activities for kids. Her professional background explains the quality and thoroughness of her activites.

What We Like About This Blog

  • Ideal for kindergarten kids
  • Creative DIY crafts

Adventures in Mommydom

Adventures in Mommydom wass created by Ticia, a proud mother of 3. Ticia was a teacher at a public school before she decided to take the homeschooling route. That’s one of the reasons her blog is very reliable. She was a part of the regular schooling experience, and she decided to ditch it midway.

If you’re still debating whether homeschooling will suit you, you’ll probably want to hear her opinions on the matter. The blog is primarily focused on history and science. There’s also a large chunk about biblical studies for students.

Additionally, Ticia provides loads of resources on her blog. She shares reviews about books and she posts a lot of DIY crafts that parents love. On a final note, if you have twins, you’ll love her posts about her two boys.

What We Like About This Blog

  • The author is a former teacher
  • The blog focuses on history and science studies

Closing Thoughts

While homeschooling isn’t easy, it doesn’t require tons of experience on your part. While you don’t need to be an expert, you will need resources and some guidance along the way.

That’s when homeschool blogs come in handy. They’ll provide you with resources  and information you’ll need for your children. Whether it’s real-life stories from other parents, academic resources, or online tutors. There are also a lot of blogs that offer free printables, so you don’t have to do everything via the internet.

We hope the aforementioned blogposts are a great asset to you in your homeschooling journey! Let us know in the comments if we forgot your favorite homeschool blog!

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