A New Homeschool Software Solution

A New Homeschool Software Solution

June 26, 2020

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You may be sold on homeschooling, but trying to find the right homeschool software program for your child is challenging. These days, there are so many options, it can definitely be hard to choose. If you are looking for an online platform that will help your child succeed, consider Mastery Genius. As online learning experts, we consider the three crucial elements of a successful learning program to be:

  • An assessment that is not too easy or too hard for your child
  • An automated, customized learning plan specifically tailored to your child
  • A mastery-based approach rather than a focus on grades

As you are well aware, the public-school system is geared toward helping the average child – but every child is so different. We made Mastery Genius to focus on helping every child to learn and grow, no matter where they are – advanced, struggling, or right “on track”. We hope this overview of Mastery Genius provides you with insights into our program and will help you make a decision on using our program as your homeschool software platform. 

Mastery Genius Overview

Adaptive Assessment

Your child’s journey with Mastery Genius begins with math and reading assessments to measure their academic level. To be clear, we are not obsessed with test taking. We recommend students in Mastery Genius take our assessments every 2-3 months, Each test lasts on average 1 hour. In total, we anticipate your child will take assessments for 2 hours every 2-3 months. We consider this to be reasonable compared to a typical public school where whole days each month are dedicated to testing.

Taking a standardized test is a nice way to ensure that your child is learning and growing at a steady pace. Unfortunately, many standardized tests used by states and districts across the country do not yield effective data. However, the NWEA MAP Growth tests are world-class adaptive assessments. This means they get harder as your child answers questions correctly, and easier as they get questions wrong. After an hour or so for most students, the test has reached a conclusion about your child’s level. This information also shows what standards they need to practice in order to improve on their next assessment.

Automated, Customized Learning Plan

After your child completes their MAP Growth assessments for Math and Reading, the Mastery Genius team uploads your child’s data into our recommended software – Pathblazer by Edgenuity. We are the first to admit that Pathblazer is not a perfect software. However, we think it is the top online curriculum that is focused on mastery. We don’t want kids to passively watch videos and move on to the next topic – that is exactly the problem we are trying to solve.

One benefit of our system is that when Mastery Genius uploads your child’s data into Pathblazer, Pathblazer creates a unique plan for your child based on their needs. Oftentimes, homeschool parents have to revisit their child’s curriculum frequently to make sure they are on track. That is not the case with Mastery Genius. Once your child is nearing completion of the objectives, you will schedule your child’s follow-up assessment. That way, when they complete all of their objectives, there is a new, more advanced, batch of work for them to tackle. They can keep moving forward, mastering new concepts. With our homeschool software, you will never need to develop your own learning plan again!

Pathblazer forces students to master concepts before moving on to the next topic. This can be frustrating for students at times, but it really forces them to pay attention to the concepts in the lessons. If they attempt to complete a quiz and fail, Pathblazer forces them to go back and try again, until they master the concept.

Another benefit of Pathblazer is that students can choose the topic they want to work on at any given time. Each topic contains a lesson, guided practice, independent practice, and a quiz. Students have the flexibility to choose from a variety of topics that are fitted to their needs. Most of time, when a student feels “stuck,” moving to another area of study, where they can keep learning, is the best option!

Just Mastery, No Grades

Mastery Genius Overview

As you probably know, for all the potential benefits of the public-school system, one of the most nonsensical concepts is the idea of grades. Parents and students celebrate being on the A honor roll or achieving valedictorian status, when those outward rewards are really only comparative and subjective in nature. A child achieving valedictorian at one school is entirely different than achieving the same at another school. A C-student could be an A-student at another school, and vice-versa.

The educational concept that really levels the playing field is mastery. Mastery is objective. Through quizzes and assessments, you can prove mastery of a concept. Mastery is a prerequisite to analyzing or going deeper on a certain topic. For example, a world-famous mathematician can only push themselves to the next level based on their current level of mastery. We can’t expect to master quantum physics if we haven’t mastered algebra. Mastery is an objective metric, and it builds on itself endlessly.

We are advocates of project-based learning and critical thinking. But in order to be successful on projects and in life, student must understand the basics of math and reading. What’s better, is your student being a master of those concepts. No more grades, no more busy work, just mastery of concepts. That’s what you’ll get with the Master Genius homeschool software program. And that mastery of concepts will benefit your child in whatever path they choose to ultimately pursue.

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