Homeschooling Made Easy

Homeschooling Made Easy

December 2, 2020
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Hours and hours spent finding just the right assignment, more hours grading, and then going over all of it again because your child doesn’t understand. That’s homeschooling right? When parents decide to homeschool, the heavy burden of educating their child or children falls completely on their shoulders and it’s a lot to bear…or so one would think. Keep reading to find out more about Homeschooling Made Easy!

Increased Resources

The thing is, it’s not nearly as impossible as it may have seemed just a few short years ago. Thanks to advances in technology, specifically educational technology, parents can now find resource after resource, blog post after blog post, and YouTube video after YouTube video all pointing them in the right direction on how to homeschool. There are numerous options obviously, both offline and online. Some parents prefer workbooks and paper to pencil while others prefer the advances made in the technology realm. It’s this last group that is most intriguing. The latest advances in technology have made it easier than ever to homeschool!

Khan Academy

Take the well known Khan Academy, for example. It has everything from math to reading, arts and humanities to computer science. It’s a plethora of knowledge at the fingertips of anyone with an internet connection. Many parents, and teachers for that matter, have found the wonderful benefit of using Khan academy and its resources as a supplement for regular schooling. What’s more? Some parents even use it for their entire homeschooling curriculum! Imagine the ease at which your homeschooling environment could be set up. Which grade is your child in? Check. What courses should they be working on? Check. Can he or she login and get started? Check. Homeschooling? Check.

Mastery Genius

Seems too easy right? What if it could be even easier? What if your child could not only have assignments in their grade level but specifically tailored to their individual learning needs? And what if after getting started, you as the homeschooling instructor, didn’t have to do any grading or assigning from that point forward?

Technology is at a point that it can do more for thousands of students at once than a teacher could do for just one student. This is not the teacher’s (or parent’s) fault of course! Technology has just made it possible! Mastery Genius capitalizes on these advances and makes homeschooling for math and reading easier than ever. After sign-up, parents can sit back and watch as their child works through assignments specifically tailored to their learning needs. How do parents know the system is working? Easy! The system self-assesses progress at every turn, never allowing the student to advance without mastery. No searching for the right assignment, no grading, no re-teaching, just self-paced mastery by your student.

So, homeschooling is tough, right? Too tough to even think about? Not anymore, with Mastery Genius!

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