How To Make Homeschooling Fun: A Complete Guide

How To Make Homeschooling Fun: A Complete Guide

January 14, 2022
How to Make Homeschooling Fun A Complete Guide

Homeschooling doesn’t have to mean an endless schedule of flashcards, workbooks and drills. It can actually be tons of fun. However, finding time to add in fun activities can be overwhelming. How can you fit fun in on top of everything they’re supposed to learn? 

In this article, we’ll give you 7 easy tips to make homeschooling fun. They won’t take tons of time to prep, cost a lot of money or require lots of special materials or technology. Theses strategies for making homeschool fun can easily be incorporated into your lesson plans with just a little bit of planning.

Hands-On Math Skills

From grades 1 to 3, you can let children practice subtraction and addition skills while they are playing with their own toys and food. For instance, they can subtract the number of Goldfish crackers they’ve eaten from their bowl while they are snacking, or they can count the Legos bricks they’ve added to their latest build.

Addition and subtraction can be quite fun with the help of the limitless imagination that kids have.

Plan A Field Trip

Homeschooling can be quite unique because you can alter the day’s schedule to suit your child’s educational interests and passions. If your neighborhood offers a homeschooling co-op, make connections with this group. Then you can plan field trips and outings as a group. 

Even if there’s no homeschooling co-op group near you, you can still plan your own educational trips. Getting out of the “classroom” is always fun for students, homeschooling or otherwise.

how to make homeschooling fun

Science Experiments

We know that reading a workbook to your kids is a simple, straightforward way to teach, especially on busy days. Hands-on learning, however, not only makes the lesson come alive for your student, but also serves as a distraction from the monotony of book learning all day for kids and parents alike.

Science experiments offer excitement, fun, and curiosity to your kids’ day, and they can make homeschooling a lot more fun. Another benefit to doing experiments: the things that your kids learn through experiments are way more likely to be remembered.

Makes Changes To Your Routine

Some kids like the predictability of knowing their schedule for the next school day. Routine can be comforting for some kids, but you might notice that teaching different subjects with the same schedule each day can lead to boredom.

One way to motivate your child’s behavior and attitude is by shifting the order of the subjects around.

You can still go over the material that you’re supposed to on that specific day, but your kids won’t know if they’re doing an exercise first, learning about science, or putting together a geography puzzle. Another option is to let your kids decide the order that their school subjects can proceed in.

Incorporate Games Into Your Homeschooling

If you can find a way to teach your kids a certain subject while using games, we suggest that you go for it! Games are great for fun and learning, and they offer benefits such as:

There are countless spelling games, math games, and flashcard games you can use to do this; even a deck of cards can be used. Homeschooling can be really exciting and fun for your kids when you turn a school lesson into a game that they will enjoy.

Schedule Recess

You can offer your kids a break by scheduling a recess during the morning. While your kids are having recess you can prepare a lesson, get some cleaning done, or take a welcomed break. Most importantly, your kids will stay more focused throughout the day after a physical break from their academic schedule. Make sure that sometimes you join in on the fun, since this will help to strengthen the bond between you and your kids.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Messy

Art projects are fun activities to add to your homeschooling routine, and we doubt you’ll find a kid that doesn’t love them. 

Sometimes homeschooling parents sometimes avoid doing art projects because they don’t have time. They can also be expensive, time-consuming, and somewhat messy.  However, there are tons of easy, simple art projects that don’t require much prep work that you can find on Pinterest and TikTok.

Don’t leave art projects for if you have enough time at the end of the day, or only if you think you’ll have the needed energy for it. Art is as equally important as science and reading!

It’s Easy To Learn How To Make Homeschooling Fun

If your children get bored sometimes during the homeschooling day, the tips in this article can help to make it more fun for you and for them! They’ll help liven up your homeschooling routine with some interesting activities that are sure to get their attention.

Of course, you don’t have to incorporate all of these ideas at once. You can pick one or two of these suggestions and add them to a regular homeschooling day. See how your kids react to them. Then you can decide if it’s something you can keep adding to your routine. If not, try another one and keep going!

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