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K-8 Math & Reading Assessments / Curriculum

With our innovative software, kids enjoy engaging lessons tailored to their specific academic gaps and maximize learning in less time all from the comfort of home or on the go.

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Sign up one or more children through our registration system, selecting assessment dates as soon as tomorrow.

Take the Assessments

Have your child take the NWEA MAP tests for both Reading and Math. We will send you a report and generate a customized curriculum.

Practice and Master Concepts

Help your child to consistently practice on our online curriculum, PathBlazer. As they practice, they will master concepts exactly on their level.

Perfect as a supplement or full curriculum for math and reading.

Re-Test to Observe Growth

After 30-60 days, have your child take the MAP assessments again. We will send you a new report that shows their improvement. Keep the cycle going to see huge improvements!

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Tutoring is expensive and not available 24/7. Free programs do not find and close gaps in knowledge quickly. Avoid spending an arm and a leg and too much time on programs that will not help your child progress quickly. Give Mastery Genius a try today risk free.

14-day money back guarantee

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  • K-8 Online Curriculum with 24/7 access
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  • No Long-term Commitments
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