Mastery Genius Resources

Mastery Genius Resources

June 29, 2020

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mastery genius resources


Curious about Mastery Genius Resources? The two major resources that we use at Mastery Genius are the NWEA MAP Growth Assessment and Pathblazer learning software. As a result, we can determine your child’s academic needs and provide engaging content that leads to mastery. 

Whether you would like to know more about the NWEA MAP Growth Assessment or Pathblazer prescriptive learning software, we have you covered below!

NWEA MAP Growth Assessment

Resources for Parents

Check out these links to learn more!

Resources for Students

Great links for students to learn more about NWEA MAP Growth Assessment!

Pathblazer Resources

Checkout this link for an overview of Pathblazer:

Overview of Pathblazer Software:


Mastery Genius Resources

By combining the NWEA Map Growth Assessment with Pathblazer software, Mastery Genuis gives your child the tools they need to master a concept. This combination provides the best one-two punch of diagnosing where a student is, and then supplying them with the tools they need to master a subject or concept.

Mastery helps develop critical thinking and encourages curiosity and will benefit your child in whatever path they pursue (You can learn more about that here). Our goal at Master Genius is to help children catch-up, keep-up, or get ahead by mastering concepts. Utilizing the NWEA Map Growth Assessment and Pathblazer software allow us to do this effieciently and thoroughly.

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