10 Best Examples Of Triangles In Real Life: A Study Aid

10 Best Examples Of Triangles In Real Life: A Study Aid

November 10, 2021
Triangles 10 Examples In Real Life

A triangle is a plane figure with three angles and three sides. There are different kinds of triangles. They are classified based on their sides and angles. Right-angle triangles, isosceles triangles, and scalene triangles are some of the most common types of triangles. 

If your child is learning about shapes and triangles, and you want to make the learning experience more effective (and fun), then you need to use examples of triangles in real life. Real-life examples help children understand concepts more easily. 

If you’re teaching or tutoring children about different types of triangles, you can use real-life examples to illustrate your point. In this article, we will look at different real life examples of triangles you can incorporate into your learning.

Examples of Triangles In Real Life 

Here are some practical examples you can use to explain the concept of a triangle to your child:

1. Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are among the best illustrations of equilateral triangles in real life. Equilateral triangles have sides that are all are the same length. You can point out traffic signs to kids while you’re driving or walking around the neighborhood. Kids will be able to recognize that these triangles’ sides are all the same.  

10 Best Examples Of Triangles In Real Life: A Study Aid2. Pizzas or sandwiches

Sandwiches and pizza are some of kids’ favorite foods. Sandwiches can be cut into triangles and pieces of pizza are almost always cut into triangles.  

Whenever kids come across a pizza or sandwich, they can dentify the shape in real time and practce this. This object lesson is especiallly great for younger kids.


3. Bermuda Triangle10 Best Examples Of Triangles In Real Life: A Study Aid

Another good example of a triangular form is the Bermuda triangle. The Bermuda Triangle continues to be a mystery to the entire globe. Accordning to legend, when planes and ships reach this location, they mysteriously vanish. 

The concept of a triangular shape can be understood by using the Bermuda triangle as an example. Many kids find the Bermuda Triangle narrative fascinating, which makes it easy to remember the triangular shape. 

5. Roofs

Not all houses have roofs that are triangular in shape. However, in areas that experience snow, the majority of houses have triangle-shaped roofs. The obtuse triangle is best represented by these roofs. 

Obtuse triangles have one angle that exceeds 90 degrees. The major goal of these types of roofing is to prevent water or snow from remaining on the roof for an extended period of time.

10 Best Examples Of Triangles In Real Life: A Study Aid6. Buildings and towers

Many artists today create structures that are distinct from traditional buildings. Triangles are used in the construction of some of these modern-day structures. 

The Eiffel Tower is one of the best examples of this type of structure. You can show a photograph of the Eiffel Tower to your child and explain how the structure’s triangular design gives it added strength.

7. Sail boat10 Best Examples Of Triangles In Real Life: A Study Aid

Historically, sail boats were square in shape. However, just about all sail boats today are triangular in design. Ships can traverse long distances utilizing the tacking technique owed to this triangle shape. 

The ships are able to go forward because of this tacking. 

10 Best Examples Of Triangles In Real Life: A Study Aid8. Truss bridges

Truss bridges have a triangular design. The triangles are designed to act as supporting structures. The weight of a bridge is readily distributed by these structural systems without affecting their proportions. 

Whenever force is applied to the rectangular shape of the bridges, the force is flattened by these triangle shapes. A bridge would be weak if it did not have these triangle shapes in it. You can show some images to reinforce the idea of triangular bridges.

9. Calculating a mountain’s height

The right-angle triangle is used to determine the height of a mountain. Calculating a mountain’s height can also be used to demonstrate  the right-angle. 

You can explain how people utilize a right-angle triangle to determine a mountain’s height without having to actually measure it. You can 

10 Best Examples Of Triangles In Real Life: A Study Aid9. Pyramids

Pyramids are ancient monuments that have a tetrahedral shape and are found in Egypt. There are four sides to these pyramids and all these sides merge at the top to make a single point. 

The pyramids’ four sides form four equilateral triangles. You can use this real-world example of triangles to educate children about equilateral triangles.

10. Ladder and Staircase

In almost every home, there is a ladder and/or staircase. As you teach the child or children the different forms of triangles, the staircases and ladders can be used to illustrate right-angle triangles. 

The reason for this is that these stairways and ladders are based on the right-angle triangle principle. Whenever a ladder is placed against a wall, it forms a right-angle triangle with the wall. 

Children will remember this practical example of the right-angle triangle if you present it to them since they see ladders and staircases on a regular basis.


In everyday life, people encounter a variety of geometrical shapes. It’s likely that you’ve come across a variety of triangular-shaped foods or objects. 

There are many things that are triangular, from breakfast sandwiches to the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. Using these real life triangles will really help kids to understand and remember their shapes!

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