The Best Online Tutoring Software

The Best Online Tutoring Software

July 18, 2020

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best online tutoring software


The list of things we can now do online is growing everyday. You can now shop, consult a doctor, work, and visit museums on the internet. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that tutoring is also taking the same route. There are hundreds of online tutoring tools that teachers and students can use, each for a different purpose. How do you know which is the best online tutoring software for your needs?

Keep reading to learn about the best online tutoring software tools currently available. We’ll give you some info on each one so that you can make an informed decision.

The Best Online Tutoring Software for Students

Online tutoring services can be used by any student, but may be particularly useful for home-schooled students. Here are our picks for the best online tutoring software for students. They’re all user-friendly, helpful, and reliable.

Online Tutors – WyzAnt

If you want to find private online tutors for your child, you’ll love WyzAnt. Hiring tutors has never been easier!

The platform allows you to type in the subject you need and search through various options of tutors. Afterward, the site requires you to decide how long you’ll need the tutor. WyzAnt also allows you to customize the search according to your price preferences. And of course, you can choose the time that’s suitable for you to meet the tutor you picked.

As for tutoring options, WyzAnt has long lists of highly experienced teachers. You’re biggest problem will be too many qualified candidates!

Along with tutors, WyzAnt also has some beneficial learning tools that make the whole process easier. The students can share their files with the tutors and edit them online. Plus, there’s a virtual board for the teachers to use when explaining concepts. The site also allows screen sharing for presentations and PDFs.

Game-based Learning – Kahoot!

If your child gets bored easily during online classes, you may want to take a look at this creative platform. Kahoot is based on fun learning methods. It provides educational games for any subject you can think of; in any language you want. Additionally, it has resources for all academic levels until high school, and it works on all devices.

The platform allows the students to compete with their classmates through a game-like experience. First, they sign in with a special code and start the game. Next, the questions are displayed in a fun manner and they’re required to give answers. During this, they can engage with their peers and tutors through a discussion tap.

After the students pass through this stage, the platform promotes them, so they’re able to create new Kahoots and beat their own scores.

Kahoot is also a great tool for teachers who want to adopt new learning methods. It has all the tools a tutor may need for creating fun, educational games for all subjects.

Adaptive Learning- Mastery Genius Pathblazer

Mastery Genius is a website that provides NWEA MAP Growth assessments and online tutoring services. It’s also one way to pursue Pathblazer, which is a software that’s designed to help students in mathematics and reading.

It walks the students step by step through lessons, practice and quizzes in order to master concepts in reading and math. Additionally, the platform presents motivational content that lets the students unleash their potential. That way, they make quick progress towards their goals.

This is how Mastery Genius works. First, students go through an adaptive assessment (NWEA MAP Growth Assesment) that determines their current level. This assessment pinpoints where they need the most help. From this point forward, Pathblazer provides each student with a personalized learning curriculum. A specific learning plan is laid out for the student to follow.

On top of that, Pathblazer customizes the lessons according to an instructional model. This model depends on the students’ adaptive assessments, which contributes to the efficiency of the platform. There is also a progress monitoring service that reports any progress the student makes.

The Best Online Tutoring Software Tools for Teachers

Let’s check out the best 4 tools a teacher can use for online tutoring!

Virtual Classrooms – WizIQ

WizIQ is one of the most popular online tutoring software services. It features everything a teacher might need; virtual whiteboards, built-in test prep, and video conferencing. It has features that can be used to tutor students, and it supports HTML, PDF, audio, and video file uploads.

WizIQ is also pretty easy to use. It has a user-friendly interface and doesn’t require any coding skills, unlike other software services. And you don’t need any software extension to use it.

With WizIQ, it’s easy to keep records of the students’ progress through their analytics. Plus, creating tests is a piece of cake. There’s a wide range of formats that you can use to create tests and assess the students’ performance. After that, the software automates progress reports for each student.

Online tutors can also use WizIQ to sell their online courses. There are a couple of payment methods on the website. If you don’t want to give live sessions, the option to sell your online courses can be really beneficial.

Online Assistant – Teachworks

If you’re dealing with a large number of students, you’ll have a lot of schedules to manage. It can get overwhelming, especially if you have side hustles along with online tutoring. That’s when Teachworks comes in handy.

This platform will help you with all aspects of online tutoring, including time management, communication methods, or lesson reminders. Teachworks allows you to log in all of your calendar data. Afterward, it sends you reminders before your lessons and important dates.

Additionally, Teachworks provides user accounts for teachers and students. That way, they can easily communicate without the need for an additional application. The platform also offers feedback after each lesson, according to the tutor’s input.

Teachworks is compatible with a couple of external services, including Microsoft Excel and Stripe. Additionally, if you want help with managing your finances, the software arranges your invoices and oversees your payments.

Interactive Lessons – Nearpod

The lack of human interaction in online tutoring can affect the session’s quality, but it doesn’t have to. Nearpod enables you to carry out full tutoring lessons while keeping the students engaged with the content.

The platform has a wide variety of pre-created teaching lessons for almost all subjects and grades. You pick the template that you want and start working with it right away. You can also create your own interactive lessons by uploading your file and editing it online.

There are a lot of built-in features that you can use in your classes, such as illustrations, GIFs, and 360-degree images. After you’re finished creating the session, you can share it with all the students through their logged-on devices. Additionally, you can use the software to monitor the students’ progress.

Nearpod is one of the rare online tutoring platforms that support VR headsets. If your students can gain access to one of those, you can create some memorable classes, using virtual reality technology.

Virtual Whiteboard – Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a software that enables you to create illustrated and fun lessons on a virtual whiteboard. The app was originally intended as a platform for podcasts. However, the founders didn’t have enough budget for the production, and just like that, an amazing tutoring software was born.

You can use Explain Everything on both mobile phones and desktops. It’s user-friendly and easy to deal with. With minimum effort, you can create a fully animated version of your lesson, using the interactive elements provided by the site.

In addition to that, you can merge PDFs, videos, and audio files to create your tutoring sessions. You can also upload your own sketches if you’d like. Moreover, your students can use the software to upload their presentations and edit them.

The platform generates feedback according to the students’ performance. It also saves the time of your online class and sends reminders, just in case you need them.

Final Thoughts

Online tutoring can be overwhelming. However, there are a lot of tools out there that can help you. Once you see the diverse options available, you’ll feel a lot better.

Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, we think the tools listed above will be a great help. All of them are easy to use, so, you don’t have to worry if you’re a beginner.

Especially with current circumstances, online tutoring is becoming more and more popular and the best option for a lot of families. We hope you find our list of tools helpful to you and your online tutoring adventures!

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