How It Works

First, we determine your child’s academic needs.

Then, we provide engaging content so your child achieves mastery.

If only school were this easy.

Signing Up
  • Provide us with parent contact information and student information.
  • Schedule when you want your child to take their initial assessment. Your child needs to take that assessment so that we can see what level they are on academically.
  • If desired, schedule a call with our staff. This will give you a chance to talk more about your child’s academic background and your goals for them, as well as understand what comes after the assessments.
  • Review the confirmation email to make sure the assessment schedule looks good.
  • Watch the video with tips to prepare for a smooth assessment. If desired, have your child take the practice assessment.
  • Check your email before the scheduled assessment for login information.
  • Assessments typically take 1 hour per subject.
Curriculum and Practice
  • We use the results from the math and reading assessments to assign the exact topics your child needs to succeed.
  • We recommend your child works on their math and reading for around an hour a day, but any amount is helpful!
  • Once your child has completed all the assignments they have been assigned, they will take the assessments again, and we will measure their results.
  • The process repeats as long as they have more learning to do!

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page or email us: