The Best Alternative to Tutoring

The Best Alternative to Tutoring

June 29, 2020

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The best alternative to tutoring

Have you considered tutoring?

You may be surprised to find out that 43% of students across the country require tutoring at some point during their K-12 educational careers. And a vast majority of that 43% spend between $30 and $85 for only one hour of help! While the reasons for tutoring vary, the fact that nearly half of students require it, points to the flaws of the traditional educational system and how we think about learning. There has to be a better alternative to tutotring out there!

Is there a Better Alternative?

As a parent, what can you do if your child is behind or has failed to grasp the latest concepts in class? Is there an affordable and effective alternative to tutoring? Without spending $85 an hour, you can find the help your child needs with Mastery Genius. Mastery Genius provides your student with lessons prescribed specifically to them, adaptive testing when they are ready, and confidence and control of their learning to propel them to success! Keep reading to learn about why Mastery Genius is the best alternative to tutoring.

Prescriptive Learning

Mastery Genius provides your student with lessons exactly at their level in specific areas of reading and math. Consider this difference with a private tutor. Most likely, your student is bringing their work from school or being provided with a basic curriculum from the tutoring company. While this may help your child here and there, most of that work will be repetitive or too far advanced or behind for your child to master.

Adaptive Learning Software

With the Pathblazer software from Mastery Genius, your child’s assignment is exactly what they are ready to learn next! Even better, their lessons are ready only 48 hours after completing their first assessment! We’d like to see a tutor do that!

We know tutors and teachers across the country work as hard as they can to help their students. The bottom line, however, is that technology in 2020 is advanced enough to do this work on it’s own. Oftentimes, the tech does it faster, more completely, and with less error. Mastery Genius is the system that your child needs to catch up, keep up, and get ahead, and instead of $85 per hour, you’ll only be spending $30 per month for much better results!


Adaptive Testing

More and more, districts and schools across the country and the world are relying on high stakes testing to determine if students have learned and whether or not teachers and schools are performing like they should. The problem? These tests are poorly made, poorly checked, and rarely, if ever, make a difference for students in their learning. Most of the time, these tests are used as bartering chips by teachers and schools to make students behave and attempt to get them to perform. As a result, after the test is complete, a majority of the “learned” material is lost. In that same vein, tutors often don’t have the time to review these test results and prescribe your student what they need to learn next. If tutors are able, it definitely cost more than $30 per month to get!

The NWEA Growth Assessment

The NWEA Growth Assessment used by Mastery Genius could not be farther from a typical standardized test. Instead of taking the same test as everyone else, the NWEA Growth Assessment begins at their grade level, then adapts to their performance. If the student is performing well and answering question correctly, the test becomes more difficult. If the student is answering questions incorrectly, the test becomes slightly more simple. Imagine applying this thinking to a class on cooking. Would an instructor watch you botch scrambled eggs and then ask you to make Eggs Benedict? Of course not! Unfortunately, many students fail to show mastery on multiple concepts on a standardized test, yet are moved to new material anyway.

With Mastery Genius, test results are precise and descriptive. As a parent, you will know exactly where your student is at in multiple areas of math and reading. Better yet, in less than two days and based on the assessment results, your student will have a set of lessons in reading and math made just for them!


Confidence in Learning

We assume most of the time that students who are struggling simply “can’t” do something and need extra help such as a tutor. However, most of time, when put in control of their learning and given the right tools, students can find themselves capable of learning on their own. Mastery Genius is the alternative to tutoring and traditional education that can help your child bloom. Mastery Genius provides students with challenging and relevant material that allows them to see just how capable they are, without relying on a teacher or tutor to give them hints or answers along the way.

Would you like your child to be confident when they go to school? Mastery Genius is the answer. With their new found learning prowess, students using the Mastery Genius system will have what it takes to volunteer answers in class, complete assignments on time, and go the extra mile on projects. The fundamentals of reading and math are essential for success in today’s world. With Mastery Genius, students will gain those essentials in no time, all on their own! Imagine what your child will be capable of when the basics of reading and math no longer stand in their way!

Mastery Genius is the tool you have been looking for!

We don’t make outlandish promises about your student learning a years worth of math or reading in 3 months like other learning software or tutoring programs. What we can promise is that there is no better system out there for finding exactly what your child should be working on in math and reading, and providing the tools to learn as much as they want to! Mastery Genius is a more effective and afforable alternative to tutoring. In short, for only $30 per month, this system will help your student catch up, keep up, and get ahead! 


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